52 Weeks of Illustrations...Week TEN

I've always loved the saying "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine," so I thought it was time to create a piece of wall art. I bought a package of water soluble crayons just like these, and went to town!

Once I drew/painted (what is it called when you use the crayons and then add water? haha), I scanned it into my Mac (600 dpi) and added some texture and colors digitally.

One thing I love it being in digital format, is that I can easily change the background color. It would be sweet with a pink, white or blue background too, you think? Gray or navy too!

Thanks for continuing to follow along in the 52 weeks of illustrations with me!

In case you missed the first 9 weeks, here it is!

Follow along with me via Instagram @LilyColeDesigns, or here on my blog, where each week I post a new illustration. The artwork created may become a new piece of wall art in my shop, or I may start selling them as digital clip art.

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