52 Weeks of Illustrations...Week SEVEN

Bugs. Beetles. Caterpillars. They seemed to be an appropriate design this week given that I had a little flu bug.

For these I started out by gluing various colors of tissue paper into my sketchbook. I then painted on top of the paper, and painted heads for the bugs. It just wasn't enough "texture" for me, so I scanned it in and added these beautiful digital patterns.

This is the first print I have listed in my shop from my "52 Weeks" series. You can find it in my Etsy shop here (click on the image below to take you directly to the listing):

I also made a snail, but it just didn't fit in with the others just right (poor snail). I know he will find another home in the future. ;-)

Please follow along with me as I reveal new illustrations each week on Instagram! @LilyColeDesigns. ;-) Thank you, thank you!

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