52 Weeks of Illustrations...Week SIX and Pushing the Easy Button on Valentine's Day this year

Let's make Valentine's Day cards easy this year, my friends. I made this EASY printable because I'm always assembling these types of things the night before. In case you are panicking the night before the party, I've got you covered. This will take 10 minutes, tops. If you have young kiddos who need to give Valentine's Day cards to lots of kids, this is a great solution.

The download is an 8.5 by 11 pdf document that includes 3 Valentines per page, so print as many as you need - You can download the pdf Valentines by clicking here. You can print on copy paper or thicker paper. Then just cut horizontally in between the cards (use scissors or a paper cutter), and then fold each one vertically, so that the "You are so sweet!" is on the front of the card, and the "Have a great day" and "From" is on the back.

Then I just taped a Blow Pop inside along the seam and will ask my kids write their names on the back on the line. And. DONE. And they are cute, too! And free! ;-) Enjoy!

And have a wonderful Valentine's Day! I also have several other printable Valentine's Day cards in my Lily Cole shop on Etsy, here:

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