52 Weeks of Illustrations...Week THREE

This week's theme was planted in my head while I was driving down the street one day coming home from taking the kids to school. There was a little bit of snow on the ground and a few snowmen were peeking up at me. The hats and scarves people put on their snowmen are typically the old grungy ones from the back of the closet. And I thought...how funny would it be if we saw a snowman that was decked out in darling, colorful accessories?

My favorite store of all time...hands down...is Anthropologie. A trip there provides me with weeks of inspiration. It gives me a spring in my step. It makes me realize I'm not alone in my creativity "type" and color palette.


Winter with a touch of Anthropologie

I painted a knitted pattern for the snowman's scarf, and created a whole pattern of painted "swishes" for his hat. The snowflakes are watercolor, and they were born out of my imagination of what I think snowflakes should look like.

The coffee cups at Anthropologie are always a source of inspiration, and I thought it appropriate that a colorful owl be on this cup.

The boots are just wintery, cute, and used to be sold there.

If you have made it this far in your reading, THANK YOU for following along! Want to join me by creating your own art every week? I would love it so much. On Instagram, be sure to tag #52weeksofillustrations and #createmoreart #sharemoreart.

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