52 Weeks of Illustrations...here we go

I had an "aha moment" while on vacation in Florida at the end of 2016. I figured out the "why" in my business. I do this because I love to create. I adore learning new creative methods...whether it be watercolor, gouache, pencil, oil pastels, Photoshop, Illustrator, collage...I welcome the challenge and the mess and the mistakes.

Much of that artistic madness rarely happens anymore. Many of my days are filled with returning emails, printing and cutting artwork, managing inventory and shipping orders. I decided that I would rather get back to why this is all started.

Every week of 2017, I am going to create several pieces of artwork that coincide with a theme. Each piece may become a digital download, a pattern for fabric, or a new wall hanging. And I'm going to share them with you via my blog and Instagram (@LilyColeDesigns).

I am pushing myself out of my boundaries creatively. I hope others might join me by creating alongside. Use the hashtag #52weeksofillustrations and #createmoreart and #sharemoreart.

Here is week ONE:

Funky Birds and Flowers

For these I experimented with gouache and watercolor paint. I then imported them into Photoshop where I digitally embellished some areas with patterns and added textural effects.

Each piece - 7 in this one - can be used in an art print, on stationery, for a fabric pattern, etc. Now that they are created, I just need to decide how to use them. ;-)

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