...And "The Handwriting Shop" is born

Here is an update about the handwriting works of art: As of November 2016, it was clear to me that these sentimental handwriting pieces needed it's own space on the web. Therefore, a new Etsy shop was born...The Handwriting Shop.

We enjoyed a busy pre-Christmas season preparing over 20 handwriting pieces which included recipes, notes from Grandma to unborn granddaughter, and long-forgotten letters.

So, this little corner of my world with Lily Cole Designs has been...well, in a nutshell...exhilarating. Being able to create artwork specific to customers' desires and knowing that it is being looked at with young, big eyes is so motivating and it makes my heart full. Also, while having my own business has it's challenges, to me I see it more as a giant diving board. I can bounce as high as I want and as many times as I want before jumping in. I might fall off or bounce the wrong way, and I never know what the water will be like below. Yet more than likely, I'll have fun swimming in it.

My stomach is doing flips as I'm getting ready to jump really high on the diving board this morning. This lovely little idea came to me about 6 months ago and I am FINALLY ready to "test the waters" to see if you all are as excited about it as I am. Here's the deal. It's all about handwriting.

Handwriting is so personal, so memorable, to unique to each individual. And I could pick out my Grandpa's handwriting out of a line up. Couldn't you do the same with yours? I bet you can. I can't see my grandpa anymore, but I want, I need, to see words up on my wall.

Finished art piece of Grandpa's Handwriting

To order a custom a My Handwriting, My Heart piece of art, please visit my shop.

For this one (above), we found an old letter that my Grandpa had written to my Grandma in 1943 from Germany during WWII. He signed it "All of my love to you all. Ralph." Priceless.

*Note: watercolor flowers are a background option for you. Flowers painted by Create the Cut.

WWII Letter

And this one, from my husband's Grandpa...

Handwriting Artwork

...From this birthday card that he had signed years ago. I gave it to my husband for Father's Day and he has it hanging up in his office.

Original Birthday Card with Handwriting

I've also had so much fun with my own family's handwriting. I had each of us write "love you" on a piece of computer copy paper. Then I created this, which is now printed in a 16 by 20 inch size (BIG) and hanging in our bedroom. We will treasure it forever. I mean, who can resist a 6 and 8 year olds' handwriting? Love.

Children's Handwriting Artwork

I am calling this new line of products on Etsy "My Handwriting, My Heart." Want to learn more? Check it out in my shop. I'll also be posting details in my Instagram account @LilyColeDesigns. What types of projects would YOU like to see with your family's handwriting?

#myhandwritingmyheart #newproduct

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