Creative Process

Are you curious about how our artwork is created? Everything starts out as a hand-drawn image. In Maggie’s sketchbook. She has a hundred. Or maybe more.

Original Sketchbook Sketches
Sketchbooks birds

That hand-drawn image is then scanned in so that it can be manipulated digitally. On our giant iMac computer (we are Apple freaks around here – truly), we re-trace over the drawing and start adding color and texture and scraping and magazine shreds and newspaper clippings and and and.


For this part, my Cintiq 13 HD is my life-line.…..

Cintiq 13 HD

Sometimes a piece of art will take 2 hours until it feels right, and sometimes it takes weeks of tweaking, printing, and tweaking some more. We do not post anything for sale until that moment of “this is IT!” arrives.


We print most of our artwork on an Epson Fine Art Printer using Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper.

Quality Velvet Fine Art Paper
Epson printer

There is no skimping on quality here – this paper has a saturated texture to it which really makes the colors pop. The archival inks used means that the artwork will last for 100+ years. This is important, as I’ve the learned the hard way that if you use cheap inks, your images will fade rather quickly. For our larger artwork (16 by 20 and bigger), we use an outsourced commercial printer, who prints on mat photo paper, also using archival inks (wouldn’t have it any other way!).


Once the artwork is printed, we trim it down to the size ordered. There is a small white border on each piece of artwork for framing purposes. We then package it up, ensuring no bending will occur in the mail, and ship it off to a happy place!


I know it is sometimes scary to order online. You can’t touch it before you buy it. You worry you are sending your money off to someone and you’ll never see the product, or your money, again. But please don’t worry. We are Midwesterners who are pretty nice people, so ask us questions. And if you are unhappy with your product – at all – we will refund your money. Maybe some of these comments will shed some light.