Maggie Ball Unruh, owner of Lily Cold Designs

About the Artist


An uninterrupted Kansan, Maggie Ball Unruh has been creating since she could hold her first colored pencil. Maggie has a unique style that includes hand-drawn elements, “Bohemian meets vintage” patterns, bold colors and oftentimes a “tug at your heart” message.


Seeing a need for large, stylish and whimsical artwork to decorate her first child’s room, Maggie started creating her own. In the evenings after Lily and Cole were asleep, she learned Photoshop and Illustrator via books and online classes. It took months to learn the technology required to get her drawings into a digital format and available for mass production. She designed 5 pieces of artwork, clicked “Open” on Etsy, and has continuously marveled at the flurry of ideas and creation ever since.


A unique model to our business includes the ability to customize and personalize artwork. Striving for our artwork to be treasured for years by our customers, Lily Cole Designs not only uses the finest art paper and archival ink, but we also encourage the customer’s involvement in the design. End result – you cherish it!


Thank you for stopping by our little corner booth in this festival of whimsy and color.